The Futuristic Magento eCommerce Development Trends to Follow in the Year 2020

Are you planning to start your e-commerce business?

Or you already have one!

If you are starting with the venture, then you must pick Magento as your eCommerce platform. And, for those who are currently using other platforms for their business website, it is advisable to migrate your store to Magento. As your business expands, your platform needs will change. Opting for Magento will enable you to use its power-packed features.

As eCommerce platforms continue to dominate the online market, Magento comes up with a lot of enhanced features. So, let your eCommerce business flourish. You can hire a proficient  Magento eCommerce Development Company to help you with your eCommerce business presence. The professionals also provide Magento support services so that your website is ready for the long run.

Magento is evolving day-by-day as we write. It continually improves its performance to stay on par with the industry standards. So, keep yourself updated. Let’s see what’s trending in 2020 for Magento eCommerce developments.

AI And Chatbots

Personalized shopping, that’s what we want. Right?


This is the only reason why every business is gradually implementing AI and chatbots. Artificial intelligence (AI), with the help of machine learning, keeps studying customer behavior. The significant picks are customer buying intents, product browsing, and purchasing. According to Hubspot’s survey, 21% of people don’t believe they use anything like AI technology. People are using AI more and more without even knowing. A chatbot is another effective way to engage customers. Both AI and Chatbots are playing a crucial role in customer satisfaction. Already there are plugins and extensions for AI and Chatbot integration in Magento. In the coming years, Magento will depend more upon AI tolls and Chatbots.

Shopping is More Personalized

With the increasing number of new eCommerce websites pouring into the market, you need to create customer-centric websites to elate user experience. Here comes the advantage of using Magento as a platform. Magento can put up with highly responsive websites and apps. This gives the potent scope of personalization. With Magento, you can send push notifications and emails to customers based on the collected data of their shopping tendency. There’s a high chance that Magento comes up with personalized product pages as per user needs.

Hike in Organic Searches

After the creation of your site, the next task is to drive organic traffic to get the desired visibility. Magento websites tick most of the essential SEO parameters. It is a high performing website building platform. The feature of smart search in Magento will rule 2020. Searchanise, the upselling tool of Magento, is effective in increasing sales and raising conversions. It dramatically boosts the user experience.

Material Design in Magento

Material Design, also called Quantum Paper is a designing philosophy of Google, revealed in 2014. This designing language enhances the user experience by making use of:

l Layouts based on grid design patterns
l Padding
l Animations
l Reactive Transitions
l Strong design effects like shadows and lighting

Most Magento eCommerce Development Companies prefer to give your website a clean and sleek look. With Material Design, Magento can enhance the visual appeal of your eCommerce store, thus attracting more customers. Here your business gets the money for jam!


Magento takes care of micro-interactions, and this trend will follow in 2020. Micro-interactions offers a feel of human interaction to the users. It surely charms the customers. This impressive user onboarding experience in Magento will play an influential role in the coming days.

Push Notifications

Magento is offering the option of tailor-made push notifications for its visitors. Analyze the customer’s buying patterns and click behavior to send customized notifications. The primary intent of PUSH notification is to hold on to the previous customers. In Magento 2, you can communicate with the customers even after they closed your website. The reason is Magento 2 Web Push Notifications work by using the web browser to show push notifications from your website. So, the customer can see the push notification message whenever their browser is open. The push notification is a very potent tool to talk to your users and get on-the-spot feedback. It captures the instant interests of the customers. Thus, building a pure organic customer base in your niche.

Using Negative Space

Negative space, also termed as white space (doesn’t necessarily have to be white), indicates the empty space around the images on a webpage. The online stores quite often make the mistake of bombarding visitors with plenty of images from every corner. This creates a congested look of the webpage.

If you visit such a page, won’t you get irritated and leave the website?

The same happens with the user.

So, why not use negative spaces to our advantage?

Magento uses such negative spaces wisely by using the spaces as a buffer to stop the online store from creating a cluttered look. This creates a more readable website and improves the scan-ability of the user.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling can be the show-stealer in 2020. For implementing parallax scrolling, you need to have a clear interpretation of your product inventory.

With Magento, the user’s scrolling can be first-rate too!

This technique, when implemented in the eCommerce store, improvises story-telling. It is the key to use a massive amount of data in a reduced time frame. Thus, offering a more engaging UX.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile has become our best friend. Thus, any platform which is mobile friendly is definitely of our use. With Magento 2, comes the mobile-first approach. With its advanced caching techniques and versatile APIs, Magento is creating an ideal customer shopping experience.

Winding Up

We have unboxed the 2020 Magento trends for you! After reading the post, we hope you have a clear perception of how Magento continues to develop its standards. So, why not take the full-fledged leverage of Magento development to enrich your website? Add to payroll a competent eCommerce development company that can always be by your side to provide Magento support services. So, it’s time you make a go in the market!

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