How to Save Yourself From the Rise in Cart Abandonment Rate?

We are living in the not-so-patient era, wherein online surfers especially those seeking to purchase something want instant access to everything. So, if you are running a Magento e-commerce store, it’s important that your site is easy to get around. But it’s also very important to keep your visitors delighted with the checkout process. Sadly, though most e-store owners scroll the web to find out ways to boost the conversion rate of their Magento store, but often neglect the checkout process.

Usually most (if not all) of the e-store owners believe that once their site visitor click the “add to cart” button the checkout process will get completed. But that’s a wrong belief! If your visitors find the checkout process to be too complicated or get tired due to slow loading of the checkout page, they’ll certainly abandon your site. Cart abandonment by online buyers is rising, and has become a huge challenge for online businesses to survive in today’s competitive e-commerce market. According to SaleCycle, the shopping cart abandonment rate has reached upto 68%.

Here are a few tips that will help in making your checkout process to increase the conversion rate, and eventually lead to better sales.

Do NOT Ask For Registration – in the very beginning.

Many (though not all) Magento sites asks visitors to register prior to moving to the checkout page. Make sure not to commit such mistake. In fact, you should rather add a “continue as guest” button that will take your customer directly to checkout. The account can be created by the customer while performing the checkout process. Also, don’t forget to add a “next” button subsequent to “continue as guest” button for existing customers, providing them a fast and more efficient checkout.

Opt For One Page Checkout.

A lot of Magento ecommerce stores, if not all, generally have too many steps in their checkout process that need to be filled, in order to finish the order. Probably, while the first page asks for contact information, the subsequent one requires filling in shipping details and so on. This is indeed a major factor that increases the cart abandonment rate. A better alternative is to take up Magento Extension Development Service that helps in generating one page check out design. One page checkout is becoming the “Next-In Trend” among businesses running e-stores that segregates all the checkout information in a single page design.

Look for a Magento Expert.

In order to get the very best extension development services for your Magento store, it’s imperative to hire a Magento expert having hands-on experience and knowledge about creating single page checkout or rather can help integrate some existing checkout page extension.


 Are you tired due to the rise of shopping cart abandonment of your Magento store or site? Well, then it’s important to follow ways that can help to tackle issues related to cart abandonment; or otherwise it can affect our overall conversion rate and most importantly the sales. Aforementioned are top 3 tips that will help you overcome the shopping cart issues.

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