Abandon clicks, as Scrolling is the buzz in Web design

There has been continuous buzz all around about the changing trends in long scrolling. People are using the internet for more than a decade and are followed by textual content. This technique is considered excellent for most of the visitors who are not used to image-rich web screens and feels isolated.

Several website owners find it functional and persuasive while smartphone user says that it is easier to scroll a website rather than to click; as smartphones have limited data networks. Whereas few says, it reduces the search functionality of the web pages. But still the war is going whether the long scrolling is good or bad? Or it is just a matter of personal preferences.

Rebirth of Scrolling

Have you focused on your target audience and their expectation? Ever since with the burgeoning use of smartphones, the thinking of UI designers is also refashioning. A large number of users are using small screens which have given rebirth to longer scrolling. Obviously, there is a group who prefer to have a more text-based website and do not like parallax featured site. But here let’s see the other part of the coin.

There are many web designing companies which focus on scrolling because it is a template which is initially received by them. This calls for an entirely different solution, which is, customized development based on client requirement. But there are many other reasons too.

Most of the places have access to the high-speed internet nowadays. It makes the scroll a quicker way to obtain information rather than clicking and searching for new pages. This technique is also largely fed by social media. Secondly, for longer content like an article or guide people don’t mind scrolling, in fact, it provides them better usability than slicing up the text to several separate screens or pages.

Earlier it was difficult to make scrolling sensual via story telling. It is because a long page full of text isn’t a very attractive UI layout. But once you start illustrating it, you can see it’s power. In fact, many hybrid patterns are emerging in scrolling.

The crux of the story is users really don’t mind scrolling if the design is great and content provided on the page is interesting.

Why longer Scrolling is hot?

Long scrolling offers exciting opportunities to designers. It engages the audience with storytelling, powerful infographics and creates a more powerful and immersive experience. Here are some advantages of it.

- Engage Interaction: With the stimulation of changing elements, it can lead to more user interactions. Long-scrolling is custom-made for smartphone users. It prevents the user from complex navigations and offers more user-friendly experience.

- Faster: Long scrolling is faster that clicking and going on to a new page. It slows down or limit the user experience.

- Ideal for Responsive Web Design: Screen size varies with the smartphones, which further results complicated for designers to design web page according to different screen sizes and capabilities. Thus, long-scrolling simplifies things by creating a more seamless transition from desktop to smartphone.

- Result oriented: Scrolling is an instinctive action. If a user clicks on a new page, it requires thought and motivation. It is often observed that long scroll page motivates people to take quick action.

- Entices the end users: Long scrolling undoubtedly promotes interactivity and extends the time of the users to spend on a website. It is great for infinite scrolling sites. It helps the users to discover content easily.

- Better content exposure: Regardless of the type of content on the website, long scrolling will give you high impressions. Infinite scrolling puts all your content on one endlessly long page. Everything is in one scroll reach.

- Offers more room for creativity: Long scrolling is quite a creative way for displaying information. It holds huge potential for creative eruptions. A very good example of it is given below.

Recent Trends of Scrolling

Here are some everyday tips for implementing long scrolling:

- Feel free to alternate long scroll with a short scroll. It is no harm in using a shorter scroll on the home page while longer scroll on the landing page.
- Consider Sticky navigation.
- Get clear differences between scrolling clicks or taps so that your website gets the desired interaction.
-  Look over Google Analytics or do some research to find out how many people click below the fold.
- Do not overburden with scrolling. Longer scrolling doesn’t mean 300 pages on a web page. Tell your story and then stop.

Is infinite scrolling good or bad?

Of course, there are few cons of long scrolling. It leads to footer problem, wherein if the user wants to search for anything important which is available in the footer, the user feels irritated to scroll the whole web page. The other problems can be disorientation, may lead to navigation issues, or may drive the users to skip few web pages.

But overall, we can say every advance in technology is a good thing. It has proved to be beneficial and engaging for many websites. Ultimately, everything matter is user expectation and your goal. If your goal is not fulfilled with longer scrolling, then it is of no use.

Based on experts practical opinions, long scrolling websites have an adverse effect on e-commerce websites. Therefore, if you choose long scrolling option for your website, make sure to apply best techniques to bring best results. For example, in the end of the content add “Learn more” option. It provides the users a flexibility to eat more content as per their interest. This can also help you to have a regular footer. Ultimately, your aim is to bring your users back to you!

Magentax- Delivering exceptional PSD to Magento Conversions since 10+ years

Appearance plays a major role in determining the success or failure of an e-commerce store. Nowadays, e-stores are being operated on a variety of online platforms that render excellent experience to the end users. Magento has become a leading e-commerce development platform that has been effectively utilized for bringing in the best shopping experience to your customers. If your e-store is still running with photoshops designs then its time to upgrade it to the power-packed Magento e-store. Magentax serves as an excellent choice of online merchants who’re looking ahead to hire professional PSD to Magento Conversion Service.

Pros of converting your Photoshop design based website into one that comprises of a Magento theme

  • SEO Friendly Semantic Markup Code -In today’s cut-throat competition, every entrepreneur is looking ahead to invest his/her time and money into something that can fetch him/her better business profits. While converting Photoshop designs into Magento theme, the web developers offer complete assurance of getting the resultant website ranked on top page of all major search engines. Seo semantic coding performed during the PSD to Magento theme conversion process makes room for 100% search engine friendliness of the web portal.


  • Pixel perfect website designs -The experienced team of web developers is thoroughly competent in offering pixel perfect conversions services. While converting PSD designs into Magento theme, it is being ensured that the final site is equipped with pixel-perfect designs.


  • Guaranteed cross-browser compatibility -Cross-browser compatibility has become a key concern of every website owner. With a PSD to Magento theme conversion, you can ascertain 100% cross-browser compatibility of your website. In other words, after getting upgraded to a Magento powered portal, you can expect your site to load perfectly on a variety of web browsers including Yahoo, MSN, Google etc.


What makes Magentax a one-stop solution for PSD to Magento Conversions?

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified company
  • Accreditation from NASSCOM & STPI
  • 350+ professional Magento developers on-board
  • Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 for offering Magento services to over 4500 clients on over 50,000 projects


As a renowned Magento Software Company since 10+ years, Magentax has the potential of delivering top-notchmarkup conversion services to meet varied client requirements. Leveraging the complete potential of this wonderful e-commerce software, Magentax is all geared up for handling both ‘BIG’ and ‘HARD’ projects. Meeting and managing diverse Magento development demands of customers has been the sole aim of Magentax. The company has employed a team of skilled Magento developers which is ready to go beyond boundaries when it comes to converting PSD designs and other file formats into fully-functional Magento themes.

Magentax has been the power booster for innumerous e-commerce websites

In addition to delivering high-end PSD to Magento theme conversion service, Magentax has been busy in catering other services such as :-

Custom Magento development

Magento theme customization

Magento Extension Development

and the flexibility to hire trained Magento developers on a full-time, part-time and hourly basis. If you’re about to dive into something related to Magento, Magentax is the company that’ll give you the best services within a timely fashion.

Tips To Improve The Branding and Conversion Of Your Magento Store

With the flourishing e-commerce businesses, every online merchant is looking for an efficient way that can help them raise their sales and profits. In ecommerce, implementing knowledge, experience and analytic skills via appropriate tools in precised direction can guarantee a desired result.

If you need an e-commerce platform for running an online store, indubitably Magento is an absolute choice. This open source content management system allows users to conveniently handle their store and update it in a preferable way. By converting a design to Magento, one can bring their dream site into reality. For small to medium scale stores Magento Community edition is perfect and Magento Enterprise Edition works great for large scale online businesses.

Online merchants can launch effective and successful e-stores by using Magento, but they need to follow some effective tips to ensure a resourceful and optimized store. Here are some important tips that can help you achieve higher conversions and better online store.

SEO plays a great role: Optimization is vitally important, it helps convert maximum visitors who land on your site into real customers; however for this, first you need to attract as many visitors to your store as possible. This can be done with search engine optimization, since nowadays people rely on search engines for searching a desired product or service over the Internet; search engines also help in marketing.

 Now, the question is how to optimize search engines? For this you will need to perform certain list of functions like Optimization for specific search phrases on the template, Paging optimization, Google Rich Snippets and Opengraph support and a lot more. And all these internal Magento website settings will definitely demand an expert professional support.

 SEO extensions: However, you can add appropriate SEO extensions to improve search engine optimization. There is a plethora of Magento extensions in the market, you can easily select any effective extension like SEO Suite Pro and SEO Layered Navigation Pro.

Incredible content: What after driving traffic to your website? To convert the viewers into customers your store content should boast quality and updated content. Out of the box content in the form of guest posts, blogs, videos, press releases, articles, etc., can help you drive visitors into services and products. Not only customers, but search engines like Google also love websites that look updated, trendy and innovative. Hence, it will also help search engine bots to index your store with good ranking.

Prefer Single page checkout: Lengthy checkout process often forces customers to leave the site, without making any purchase; thus, it is imperative to offer them with simple checkout. Magento checkout completes in six steps, which could be a bit tedious for customers. You can use extensions to make it much simple and convenient. Extension like OneStepCheckout is perfect for any store; simple checkout process ensures more likelihood that customers will complete their purchase.

Marketing: Even if your site features quality products and services, and remarkable content, it requires marketing as well. There are truckloads of options that can help you promote your store at an affordable price. You can take advantage of social media to advertise your products, attract more customers and connect with clients. There is no dearth of popular social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and many more; you can opt any and conveniently promote your products to drive higher conversions.

Wrapping Up:

Ensuring online success to Magento e-commerce is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible either. You can stay ahead of your competitors with correct approach and appropriate extensions. The above mentioned few tips can help generate higher business ROI and site conversions.

What Benefits You Can Avail By Choosing PSD to Magento Conversion?

For any online retailer e-commerce site is a vital tool that help them reach out to a wider customer base. However, with zillions of e-shops available online the e-commerce space is getting more and more competitive. Most of the online retailers prefer Magento for e-commerce development because of its rich features and powerful built-in e-commerce functionalities. Although, you can set up your online site in just a few minutes, but assuring it’s long-term success is a never-ending race that requires keeping your online website up-to-date in line with latest e-commerce market trends – in terms of design and functionality.

In order to make improvements in the existing e-shop or to make the online site tailored to fit online business needs, many online retailers opts for PSD to Magento conversion. Let’s have an overview of some of the major benefits associated with converting PSD to Magento format.

Theme Creation/Customization: For any online store the first thing that gets it noticed is it’s design. It’s obvious, you won’t like to stay in a e-store that has poor design and it won’t take more than few seconds and you will hit the back button to exit from the store. So, whether you are looking forward to give a face-lift to your existing online store, or want to create a one-of-a-kind designed e-store, you will have to convert PSD to Magento Theme. In fact, this is the most important benefit that helps online retailers in making up for declining traffic to their site.

Third-Party Integration Becomes Easier: There’s no denying that Magento CMS comes loaded with built in plugins that offers amazing functionalities. What if you need to embed more copacetic plugins to your site? Well, you can integrate third-party plugins in your Magento store. But you may encounter situations when those plugins won’t fit in your e-store. Taking up PSD to Magento transformation can help you hook in necessary 3rd party plugins to your online store. However, this may require hiring a trained Magento developer having apt experience and expertise in integrating any software or extension, so as to create a feature-rich Magento store.

Faster Page Load Speed: This is another crucial aspect that guarantees the success of your Magento store. Most often when developing e-store we add several design elements and functions in it that slows down the loading time of the page. Slow page speed can make the visitors abandon the e-shop within minutes after visiting it. It has been observed that even if the landing page loads properly, in many cases the shopping cart page tends to take a plenty of time. Slicing PSD to different design layers gives you the flexibility to add/remove elements as per your requirements. So, PSD to Magento transformation helps in curtailing your shopping cart abandonment rate and boost page load speed of your e-shop.

Enhanced Usability: A user-friendly e-store can attract traffic to the site from around the world. So, if you are already running a store integrated with Magento CMS, it’s imperative that users get access to a certain section of the CMS that is easy to operate. With PSD to Magento conversion process you can ensure to tweak your CMS so as to make it user-friendly for the users.

To conclude, converting PSD files to Magento format can help you develop an up-to-date e-store that works in-tune with e-commerce trends. Whether you convert to build a Magento store from ground up or want to customize your current e-store, turning your PSD files to Magento will not only help you come up with a fresh looking online site but will enable you to make your e-store run on the latest Magento version (if needed).

Create A Lucrative Magento Store With Magentax

An online store not only facilitates consumers to get access to a desired product on the go or with the comfort of home, but it also allows traders to deal with utmost convenience and easily flourish their business over the Internet.

With the rapidly expanding online market, a business needs to consistently achieve breakthroughs for attaining success. Today, there are numerous services that can help you smoothly run your business over the Internet and generate greater conversions and enhance business values.

These services are basically sectioned under four main categories. Let’s have a look at each one them.

1. PSD to Magento Theme Conversion:

While creating a Magento store, the initial step includes a design documentation. This is basically a Photoshop Document that features the complete design mock up for which an appropriate code is deployed. Here, you may ask the hired company to convert your PSD to Magento or create a PSD and then convert.

You can convert your dream design into reality by hiring PSD to Magento Theme Conversion services. This service is great for ones, who want to start from the scratch; they can list the desired template specifications and get a template that best suits their taste. Hiring this service can help you stay ahead of your competitors with updated, responsive and customizable themes. It can lend astonishing visual appeal to an e-store without compromising on its functionalities.

2. Custom Magento Development

Ensure your site’s performance and branding over the Internet with custom Magento theme development. This service will provide you a better and enhanced development with encompassing most appropriable tweaks that can help your site reach greater boundaries and generate beneficial results. It will allow you to stride towards the business advancement and growth over the web.

3. Magento Theme Customization

Theme plays a great role for any website. Fuel up your existing theme by getting it customized by some expert professionals. Yes, you can update your existing theme by hiring Magento theme customization services. It will help you ripe theme of your Magento store to establish new grounds for your online business. One can use template customization to strengthen their goals and necessities.

4. Magento Extension Development

Give a new, unique and innovative value to your Magento store by creating an advanced, functional and creative Magento extension. Introducing such extension to an e-store can help achieve great online success. Whether it’s for optimizing the store for better loading speed and search engine rankings or to ensure security against the fraudsters, hiring Magento extensions development services can help accomplish complex tasks with a breeze.

Indubitably, the above mentioned services can help your Magento store to do wonders and engage consumers with a better and modernized channel, but you will require a reputed and reliable partner, that can help establish great online success to your Magento store. And, Magentax stands ahead of its competitive web development companies with its advanced approach. It has more than 10 years of service experience and has over 4500 satisfied customers around the globe.

Custom Magento Theme Development- A viable means of gathering new clients

In every business, whether small or big, the customer is always the topmost priority. Unless and until you’re able to impress the customer, you can’t expect your business to thrive. If you’re operating a WordPress powered website, an investment in custom Magento theme development will serve as an effective way to gather the attention of customers who’re genuinely interested in purchasing your products and services. In this blog, you’ll get to know about the impressive advantages of customizing your Magento-based website’s theme for an overhauled conversion rate.

Customized Magento themes accentuate your business

Today, a large majority of online entrepreneurs choose to customize their Magento site’s theme for keeping the visitors engaged to the products and services delivered by the company. With a theme that’s in accordance to the site’s goal, you can actually allow your business to grow by great bounds and leaps. Bespoke Magento themes have the potential of turning casual browsers into real buyers. With a complete control over your web portal, you can modify the look and feel of your site as per your specific preferences.

Custom Magento themes aid in attaining a unique niche in the marketplace

One of the greatest advantages of custom Magento templates is that your website will be completely unique in the marketplace with none of your competitors having the same Magento theme/template. Being different from the crowd will allow you to create an individual reputation in the online business world.

Adding custom functionality is possible with custom Magento themes

Yet another crucial advantage of choosing custom Magento themes is that you can easily add any type of custom functionality as and when required. With a custom Magento theme, you can simply add new elements which will play a vital role in enhancing the overall performance of your website/e-store. Taking help from trained Magento developers will allow you to succeed in your business vertical. These Magento web development professionals will analyze the requirements of your business and serve you with a theme that scores high on visual appearance as well as functionality. By planning to hire an experienced Magento theme developer, you can receive ideal theme development solutions that will perfectly fit your business requirement in the best manner. This is something you can’t expect in case of free or premium Magento themes/templates.

Bug-fix support comes by default with custom Magento Theme Development

Currently, all the leading Magento Website Development Companies are offering free bug-fix support with their custom Magento theme development services. The duration for this support ranges from 30-90 days post project delivery. By choosing a custom Magento theme developer, you can rest assured that professional help will reach you once the Magento upgrades are introduced for fixing any potential problems associated with the respective Magento theme. If any changes need to be done for your Magento portal’s theme, these experts are there to help you out. They’ll be guiding you regarding the best method to be used for moderating the look and functionality of your existing Magento theme.

Considering all the aforementioned pros of choosing custom Magento themes, it’s easy to say that Magento website owners can definitely bring in the best for their business via custom-made Magento themes/templates.

How to Save Yourself From the Rise in Cart Abandonment Rate?

We are living in the not-so-patient era, wherein online surfers especially those seeking to purchase something want instant access to everything. So, if you are running a Magento e-commerce store, it’s important that your site is easy to get around. But it’s also very important to keep your visitors delighted with the checkout process. Sadly, though most e-store owners scroll the web to find out ways to boost the conversion rate of their Magento store, but often neglect the checkout process.

Usually most (if not all) of the e-store owners believe that once their site visitor click the “add to cart” button the checkout process will get completed. But that’s a wrong belief! If your visitors find the checkout process to be too complicated or get tired due to slow loading of the checkout page, they’ll certainly abandon your site. Cart abandonment by online buyers is rising, and has become a huge challenge for online businesses to survive in today’s competitive e-commerce market. According to SaleCycle, the shopping cart abandonment rate has reached upto 68%.

Here are a few tips that will help in making your checkout process to increase the conversion rate, and eventually lead to better sales.

Do NOT Ask For Registration – in the very beginning.

Many (though not all) Magento sites asks visitors to register prior to moving to the checkout page. Make sure not to commit such mistake. In fact, you should rather add a “continue as guest” button that will take your customer directly to checkout. The account can be created by the customer while performing the checkout process. Also, don’t forget to add a “next” button subsequent to “continue as guest” button for existing customers, providing them a fast and more efficient checkout.

Opt For One Page Checkout.

A lot of Magento ecommerce stores, if not all, generally have too many steps in their checkout process that need to be filled, in order to finish the order. Probably, while the first page asks for contact information, the subsequent one requires filling in shipping details and so on. This is indeed a major factor that increases the cart abandonment rate. A better alternative is to take up Magento Extension Development Service that helps in generating one page check out design. One page checkout is becoming the “Next-In Trend” among businesses running e-stores that segregates all the checkout information in a single page design.

Look for a Magento Expert.

In order to get the very best extension development services for your Magento store, it’s imperative to hire a Magento expert having hands-on experience and knowledge about creating single page checkout or rather can help integrate some existing checkout page extension.


 Are you tired due to the rise of shopping cart abandonment of your Magento store or site? Well, then it’s important to follow ways that can help to tackle issues related to cart abandonment; or otherwise it can affect our overall conversion rate and most importantly the sales. Aforementioned are top 3 tips that will help you overcome the shopping cart issues.

Why You Should Hire Magento Extension Developers and How?

Magento is one of the most sought-after e-commerce platform that is widely known for offering tons of extensions. These extensions help enrich your online site with all the essential e-commerce features. Right from extensions to increasing page load speed, and address several other functional requirements of the Magento site. But often after installing an extension you may find that it doesn’t work as per your expectations.

Magento Custom Extension Development

Developing a custom extension is a much-recommended exercise that can help you modify some existing extension to meet your needs, or create a bespoke one from scratch. But developing one can be quite daunting and a time-consuming process. And you need to have in-depth knowledge about the Magento CMS and coding skills that can lay down a solid foundation for effective extension development for your e-commerce site.

However, if you lack such skills and are not well-versed in developing a custom extension, you can take up Magento Custom Extension Development services of a renowned development company. Taking up such services will help you turn your ideas into fully-functional custom plugins that are tailored to meet your exact needs. However, since the web is flooded with zillions of e-commerce service providers, choosing the most suitable can be a challenging venture for you.

Here are a few tips that will help you find a reliable developer for your project needs:

Shortlist Your Favorites – When searching for a Magento developer dealing in extensions development and customization, it is essential that you should enlist the ones you deem as perfect for your project. For this purpose, you can either search the web for highly acknowledged Magento development companies or rather ask for referrals from people within your own network.

Grab the Best Ones by Checking out the Portfolio -  Now that you have shortlisted some of the development firms, next check out their work portfolio to learn about the sort of extensions they have developed, so far. Make sure to choose the Magento Development Company that has worked on versatile type of projects. This is because they will most likely possess the skills and know-how required to develop a one-of-a-kind product.

Scrutinize the Credibility of the Development Team - Prior to making the final call and choosing some development company, ensure that the company you are about to hire boasts a talented team of experienced and highly skilled developers. For doing so, you can directly ask questions about the credibility of their developers and ask about the methodologies and development tools that the team use to carry out the work assigned to them.

Communicate Your Requirements - Irrespective of whether you are yearning for setting up a custom extension from scratch or want to improve the current one from the ground up, do explain all your exact needs to your service partner. Effective communication between you and your service partner throughout the development process ensures providing you desired outcomes. Also, make sure to ask the company whether they will provide maintenance and a few other support services post development or not.


Undoubtedly, Magento is a great CMS and e-commerce platform that is widely acknowledged by e-commerce marketers for building online sites as well as e-stores. The best aspect that makes it so popular are the tons of extensions it offers, in order to extend the site’s functionality. However, if you want to build more copacetic extensions you can think about hiring the services of a reputable Magento development firm.

Why Magento Development Services are ideal for creating a worthy e-store?

Since, more and more people prefer to shop online, traders across the globe are heading towards online stores. Magento has facilitated the Internet users with ease to create e-stores that made shopping a breeze.

Magento offers scalable, robust and proficient e-commerce platform that has introduced great luxury and comfort to a common man. One can create an innovative and highly functional shopping cart with this e-commerce platform that will be capable of attracting and engaging a huge number of consumers. Moreover, it can ensure a secure and trustworthy platform. From getting higher conversion rates to enhanced business values, Magento platform offers amazing tools and features that makes it a viable option for creating an online store.

Here are some of its incredible features that make it the best among its competitors.

  1. Open source free CMS that allows one to easily add or modify the website content, features and visual appearance.

  2. Facilitates utile features with numerous extensions, thus making it a rich platform.

  3. Offers transparency by making its source code publicly readable.

  4. Features huge community that allows users to easily resolve their issues regarding Magento stores. Its community includes expert professionals, web developers, tech-savvy people and non-tech users across the world.

  5. Accepted across the globe with features like multi-lingual sites.

  6. Offers amazingly flexible and scalable platform.

  7. One can ensure a secure e-store by using its safe and secure extensions.

Magento helps boost conversion rates and sales by offering great tools and impressive layouts, this can further help enhance your business values with a better brand name and effective services.

You can improve your business credentials by creating a unique and extraordinarily functional store by using this flexible e-commerce platform. And, it is advisable to hire Magento Development Services from a reputed and reliable web development company; as highly skilled and experienced Magento web development professionals can provide you better design, developed and customized Magento store that can help achieve your business goals with greater efficiency. They can help you -

  • Optimize your Magento store for better SEO and instant loading time
  • With cost-effective solutions
  • Create multiple stores
  • Get customized themes and extensions
  • Accomplish your targets within certain defined time lines
  • Engage a huge number of customers
  • Attract viewers
  • Convert viewers into customers
  • Improve businesses ROI

Magento development offers great features and allows online merchants to conveniently handle their store content, its layout, design, navigation, interface, etc., to fulfill their business needs.

Users can choose a secure and effective payment gateway to prevent fraudsters from affecting their store content and performance. One can enhance their Magento store easily in the way they want to, by seeking guidance and help from skilled Magento developers. This can help them stay ahead of their online competitors.


This flourishing platform is admired by developers, online traders and tech-savvy individuals, because of its reliable, advanced and customizable features. This versatile e-commerce platform is perfect for all small to large-scale business websites. It is advisable to review the company portfolio and their clients testimonials before hiring their services to ensure that they are well-suited for your project.